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Let's gather in circles

Savour life's magic and connect to yourself and others in a supportive circle of women. Being held in community is truly special - let it light you up and nurture your essence... 

Maybe like me, you have been…

  • Looking for events where you can connect with likeminded women and share what’s on your heart freely and felt held?

  • Struggling to find time to connect with yourself on a deeper level and assess what you want to release and bring in?

  • Craving to spend more time in divine femnine energy, connecting to your higher self, practising rituals?

  • Trying to tune into your heart and let your intuition, your deep inner knowing,  guide your next steps instead of what is expected of you?


I have combined two ancient traditions, and sprinkled a good dose of all the delightful ingredients that light my soul to create new moon and full moon circles that accomplish just that.

Women Circles

Moon Circles

Image by malith d karunarathne

Circles are the oldest form of social interaction with cave art, painting and relics suggesting that human were gathering in circles to share stories, pass down traditions and knowledge and to worship more than 30,000 years ago. It was practiced in so many different cultures and faiths from Native Americans in North America, the South Pacific to Maasai tribes in Kenya. Women typically gathered around their menstrual or lunar cycles and it was the perfect time for mothers, daughters, sisters and grandmothers to spend time together - sharing knowledge and supporting each other as they transition to the different phases of life.

For millennia, the power of the moon has been recognised and celebrated. Moon rituals are an ancient and sacred practice that was practised in Egypt, Babylonia, India, and China where moon worship was a part of the culture.  Nowadays, it’s so easy to forget how much it impacts Earth and supports us by regulating the climate, guiding plants and animals and commanding the tides; creating a rhythm that guided humans for years. Our bodies are made up of 70% of water, imagine how the moon can influence us.

I am delighted to invite you to be held in a circle with me. This is for you if you are craving connection with other women; time to reconnect with yourself, renewed focus on  your intentions whilst indulging your senses and being surrounded by mysticism of the moon. My moon circles are held twice a month at the new moon and the full moon.


New Moon Circles

The new moon heralds new beginnings and it is the most magical time to meet in circle, to pause and gather and sow the new seeds that want to grow. To be surrounded by other women and be witnessed, to take stock of how we are feeling and what our heart is calling us to do. To share and receive and use the power of the moon to establish how we move forward and start manifesting our deepest desires.

Full Moon Circles

The full moon is the perfect time to celebrate, to acknowledge all the great things that have happened through your actions. At this point, it is always good to take stock, to see what has been working well and also what is no longer serving us. It is the time for making positive changes to your life and hence the best time to release that which we no longer need. Embark on this journey to not only get rid of the things that hold you back but also to truly witness all that you have done.

What to Expect

Our sessions will differ each time and may include a combination of astrological overview, meditation, rituals, sharing, oracle cards, journaling etc. There is an option to attend the circles online or in person in Folkestone.


I am passionate about creating a safe space where women can gather and share what’s on their heart and feel really seen, heard and supported. There is no advice that is given, no space for criticism, judgement or comparison. This is a true sisterhood where you can show up entirely as yourself - no hiding or masks needed. We honour our sovereignty and take responsibility for our own wellbeing so that we can create a safe and confidential space where we can share without fear. 

Benefits of coming together in circle

  • Feeling heard and accepted just as you are, releasing the need to try hard or change so that you can fit in. You can jus say it as it is. It also allows you to cultivate this sense that it’s ok to be vulnerable and to let down your guard and really express what is going on for you. 

  • It can allow you to heal by expressing what you are feeling, sharing what you are releasing and talking about what you want to create. Once you have spoken it, you are no longer carrying it inside like a heavy secret or burden. You feel lighter and ready to step forward.

  • Being amongst a group of women with a shared objective of living a fulfilled life, of supporting each other can leave you feeling inspired to take action, to create your dreams.

  • Being surrounded by a supportive circle of women can help produce the hormone of  oxytocin - the love hormone. This hormone is usually released when you feel safe, when you hug someone, when you are nurturing and connecting with others. So being in a loving circle can help you reduce stress because not only are you connecting with others but you are also connecting and tending to yourself. 

  • Realising that you are not alone. Sometimes as you go through life dealing with its challenges or obstacles, you can feel lonely and isolated. It very often feels that you are the only one going through these issues. Hearing other people’s stories and thoughts can help you realise that you are not the only on going through difficult times. Often you might even find that you share a common problem but just in a different context. And all of a sudden you know that there is nothing wrong with you, in fact you are doing so well. 

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Online New Moon Circle

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I look forward to welcoming and connecting with you.

Get in touch with me if you have any questions or join the waitlist to find out about the next events first.


Join me on Instagram for inspiration, information and connection! 

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