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A Little About Me...


Nothing fills my heart with more joy than helping women do the same and rediscover their innate value and true power. You may be wondering - well this sounds good but what does that mean? Well, it’s all about cultivating a strong self of self-belief and a deep inner knowing that:

  • we are worthy of being heard and seen and can finally take up space at home, work and in our communities; 

  • honouring our needs and having boundaries does not mean that we will no longer be liked or be rejected - this allows us to freely share what is on our mind and heart despite the fear; 

  • we no longer have to work overtime and relentlessly to prove ourselves and can enjoy life’s simple pleasures again; 

  • celebrating our achievements, no matter how imperfect they may feel, is a must to truly acknowledge how far we have come and how much we have grown; 

  • Self-love and compassion are the cornerstones of everything else we desire in life, including happiness, love and connection.

If you can relate to this, know that you are not alone. In my lived experience and professional work, I have seen this to be a prevalent experience for women, especially those who identify as a minority or immigrant, or in general feel different to those around them. 


At one point or another or even frequently throughout our lives, it is fair to say that we have been subjected to negative comments, unfair treatment or have been ignored because we are not like everyone else. This has a direct impact on how we see ourselves or how we behave. We start believing that we always need to do more or be more to be accepted. Once we get stuck in that cycle, that’s where we start forgetting our true essence. Overcoming this is really dear to my heart as I know from personal experience the challenges that come with feeling this way.

This is the heart and soul of my work. A journey I have been on myself (and one without a destination, as I am human after all), but one I am devoted to helping others on. Because I know the sweetness of life on the other side of self criticism, self doubt, people pleasing, and harmful beliefs that hold you back. The tools I use are intentionally designed to guide you home to yourself and your internal liberation for the life you've been dreaming of.

Spirituality is also a big part of this journey. In my life as it has helped me with the above in so many ways. Practising meditation, energy work and EFT has:

  • Created space in my mind and allowed me to breath and reconnect with myself whilst in a demanding Corporate job

  • Enabled me to let go of anxiety and fear that sometimes plague me and given me a chance to heal

  • Brought me peace as I juggle the trials of being a mother and business owner - reminding me of how blessed I am despite challenges

  • Given me the strength to accept and face certain difficult situations and move forward


Sharing spirituality with my clients is such a privilege and  a true passion of mine.

Your Intuitive Wellness Guide

My name is Angy and I am a life coach, EFT practitioner, energy worker, children’s book author and mother to my gorgeous little daughter.

Like you, I have many responsibilities, aspirations, beliefs and fears. I have found that chasing my dreams whilst juggling all the different roles that are expected of me consumed me. And I forgot the most important thing… That life is meant to be enjoyed. That I am so valuable and worthy of all the things I desire despite what I have or have not achieved. Once I discovered this for myself and started making changes in my life, I felt so free and happy.

My Journey

I was born in Mauritius, a small island in middle of the Indian Ocean, which is a melting pot of different cultures. Living in such a rich and diverse environment was a blessing but also challenging.

My Homes


  • Being of mixed ethnicities (and I’m talking about multiples) makes it hard to fit in as you belong to many groups but truly to none at the same time.

  • Being surrounded by different cultures has made me super curious and interested in meeting different people. It has ignited my love of travelling. Australia has gifted me amazing friendships and my loving, supportive husband whilst London has given me my family and, is an excellent base to see more of the world. Having lived many years around the world, I am one of the lucky gals who needs to clarify which country I mean when I say “I’m going home!”.

My Past Life 

I had a successful and well established career in  banking and professional services where I managed teams, led projects and advised companies on operating models and good risk management.

  • I developed the courage to share my voice despite my self-doubt and stand up for myself as well as find the balance between my job and my real identity.

  • Whilst the years I spent there were really enriching and helped mould me into the person that I am today, I longed for a job where I was making a positive contribution to the world.

  • I left cherishing the lovely connections that I made and have kept to this day. I absolutely loved coaching my junior team members and the satisfaction of seeing them grow and blossom was priceless.

  • I am an internationally certified coach through the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner. But I am not stopping there as there is always more to learn through books, e-courses, podcasts etc. I have also attended a course about diversity, inclusion and equity.

  • I have developed my knowledge of energy work by completing my Reiki Level 1 and 2, Energy Alchemy Level 1 and 2 healing, Energy Dowsing and a workshop in colour healing.

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed doing my Level 1 and Level 2 in the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to become a full fledged practitioner.

  • For my past roles, I did a Bachelor in Business and Technology as well as Prince 2, CISA and ITIL. 

My Qualifications


Having a baby was life changing and I discovered so many things about myself, my husband and my gorgeous little one. Spending all that time with her during the initial months made me realise that any time away from her was precious and could not be wasted.



  • Motherhood has helped me to find my path and then the strength and drive to follow my dreams and new purpose. So here I am launching Wellness Connected.

  • Someone once told me the bigger the dream, the bigger the fear and gosh isn’t that true! My little companions, fear and self-doubt, as well as my inner meanie came along the ride with me. However, this time I had a handle on them and I was ready to face them because I truly believed that this is what I am here to do - to help and support.

The soul searching that I did during my time off has also surprisingly made me reconnect with my creative side.

My Creativity

  • I have rediscovered my love for writing, cooking and using my hands to create, paint, craft etc. I find that taking time to nurture my creativity is really healing and a balm for my soul.

  • I have combined my passion of writing and travelling to write a children’s book series about a little boy, Sebbie, who travels around the world to learn about new cultures and ways of living. Through the series I am hoping to light up the little explorer in every child as well as promote diversity and acceptance as these are also important to me. You can find out more about the book here.

I am so grateful for your visit and for taking the time to read about me. Find out more about working with me here or send me an email at with any questions you may have. I cannot wait to hear from you!


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