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Mini Blog - Exploring new careers

The first step is to make a list of everything you love with your current job and would like to take forward and everything you are ready to let go of. It can also help you pinpoint what is making you unhappy. Then consider all the strengths and skills that you have accumulated over your lifetime.

Whether you’re struggling with this or not, it’s worth asking your friends, family, and workmates to add to your list. We are often our biggest critic, and you might miss some of your qualities. Exploring your passions, what motivates you, what makes you tick is the next best exercise as it might highlight themes that can indicate the type of career that best suits you.

For example, if you get a kick out of helping others, then a career in service might be worth considering. Finally, I know that might sound a bit hippie but dream big. If you could do anything you want, what do you see yourself doing? What does a day look like? What are you doing, saying, and seeing?

Once you have collected all the information above, try and find careers that fit your required criteria. Read blogs about that specific industry and connect with people who have similar jobs and pick their brains. See if you can volunteer in similar roles to get a feel for this new career.

Consider attending training sessions if you need to. My advice is to take small steps whenever you can. You will never know which career path is right for you unless you take little risks and give it a go.


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