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Welcome to Wellness Connected!

I created this sanctuary where you can CONNECT, be NURTURED and feel EMPOWERED so you can THRIVE!
Meet Amelia

Meet Angy Tsafos

Life and Mindset Coach, Energy Healer, EFT Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, Writer

Hello, I am your intuitive guide, here to help you develop this deep connection with yourself and those around you so that you can lead the fulfilled life that you seek. At the core of Wellness Connected is self-love, self-worth and courage because that is the key to unlocking your power. Trust me when I say that you have all you need within to move forward - the missing piece of the puzzle is support.

I want to celebrate the fact that you are here - it means that you are thinking of making positive changes to your life by investing in yourself. It is an amazing first step and, believe it from someone who has gone through it and is still learning every day, every little step counts.

I have crafted a set of beautiful offerings that I fully believe in as they have really helped me along my personal journey. I hope to use all this experience and be the person that is there supporting you and guiding you along this path of self-development, connection and fulfilment. 

Why Wellness Connected?

It's a way of living that supports you to be at your best every day. Together we will use this proven method to create a new habit, a new way of living and being that is really aligned to you, your essence, your values. It doesn't mean that every day will be rosy and that's totally fine. Why? Because you are equipped to handle whatever comes your way.

Laura P, Accounts Mgt, Italy

I gained so much strength. I was afraid of feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed but Angy's warmth and friendly manners made me feel good and "welcomed". I learnt to accept the part that suffers, that I don't love. Angy is a special person full of light and she has the gift of being able to pass it on to others.

My Offerings

Karen H, Entrepreneur

My husband has seen a massive shift in my happiness, passion and love for life.  I have re-ignited the fire within my belly to be successful and to continue my journey down the path that I have chosen.

Verity G, Coach

I would describe my time with Angy as being empowering, grounding and uplifting. I love going back to the work we did together - it keeps me on track and means that our coaching series wasn’t really ‘over’ with our final session.


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