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About the NET Sessions


I am so excited that you are here! Why? Because just looking at this page means that you are a step closer to making the changes that you seek and lead the life that your heart has been yearning for. Maybe you have tried making these changes on your own and you have struggled and had spells of success and failure or maybe you have not had the courage to try anything because it just feels so hard or unreachable. Please know that I am here to nurture and empower you so that you can really go for your heart's desires and thrive. The journey ahead might not be easy but I can promise you that it will be exciting, full of hope and that I will be here every step of the way, helping you overcome any hurdle that might slow you down. Know that I give you my all so that, at the end of our time together, you leave feeling proud, resilient and filled with renewed self-love and self-belief.


Unlike counselling where you dwell a lot on the past, the NET sessions are focused on moving forward and making the positive changes that you seek by setting some inspiring and challenging goals. You need to know that achieving your goals requires your commitment and dedication. This is not a quick fix and you do need to be prepared to do the work. Rest assured, I will be there supporting and guiding you all the way.

I have careful crafted various packages allowing you to work with me based on your varying needs.

All sessions are usually held online through video call (Skype/Zoom/Whatsapp).

Options for Working with me

Uniquely You Signature Programme

6 Sessions over 3 months 


This is the perfect option if you want to have dedicated support over a period of time to achieve specific goals. During this time, you can choose to focus on one big goal or work on a couple of areas that have been tugging at your heart. This is ideal for goals that you find challenging and daunting. The 3 months that we spend together really enables us to get into the detail and explore the limiting beliefs and stories that are holding you back. It gives us time to help you reframe these stories and take a series of practical steps to get you where you want to be. Your 6 sessions are held fortnightly and the package is structured as follows.

Before we get started, you will be asked to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire containing inspiring questions designed to help you dig deep, get to know yourself better and think about what you would like to truly work on. It can be quite thought provoking and spur you to acknowledge what is working well in your life, what needs a bit of tender loving care and finally how you want to feel. 

On receipt of your questionnaire, we will proceed with the Discovery Session (45 min) where we will both get a chance to find out more about each other and talk about the key themes that came up in the questionnaire. This is the perfect opportunity for touching on the areas that you want to work on and talk about strategies that you may have used in the past. It also gives us a chance to touch on what has been holding you back or tripping you up. We can talk about how the future sessions can enable you to achieve your goals and establish that we are a good fit for each other. If you feel that coaching is not right for you, you can choose to not progress any further at this point. This all really all about your journey and making sure that you are set up for success.

Pre-coaching questionnaire 


45 min complimentary discovery call 

5 X 1 hour sessions

Subsequent sessions typically run for an hour fortnightly. Together we will continue to form strategies that will see you gently but consistently step closer and closer to your goals and your new life. Along the way we work on overcoming any mindset issues or blocks that are preventing you from moving forward using a variety of techniques that combine NLP, coaching principles, spirituality and mindfulness. 

As promised, I am here supporting you during the whole coaching series. This means that you can reach out to me in between sessions for support, to celebrate wins or to share whatever may be weighing you down through email, whatsapp or voxer.

Unlimited Support


I will provide you with worksheets, guidance from oracle cards and relevant resources as required to help you progress towards your end goals. These become particularly helpful if you are stuck and are in need to some direction or new tools that you have not used before. 

Your very own personalised meditation to help you move forward and hold you true to your vision. Based on discussions, we can agree the area that the meditation can target. The meditation can be aimed at helping you relax, building a clear vision of your end game, cutting ties, forgiveness, self confidence etc. This is really special as we can get tailor the meditations to meet your own special needs. I do believe that we all have the answers we seek within us. This gives you the chance to hear the whispers of your heart. My clients have always commented on how relaxed and calmer they feel after listening to my meditations.


Bonus - Personalised Meditation

Tapping is a combination of Chinese Acupressure or Talk Therapy. It is perfect for working through blocks, overcoming limiting beliefs, handling stress and anxiety or working on desired objectives such as self esteem. Not only will I show you short, easy techniques that can quickly bring you to a state of calm when you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or anxious but I will also provide you with personalised tapping scripts for you to use in between sessions on a topic of your choice. This is one of my clients' favourite go-to tools for feeling better when they are facing difficult situations or emotions. If you have not heard of tapping, head to my page here to learn more. 

Bonus - 30 min Session & Personalised Tapping Script  


“In general, I feel far more confident in my ability to take control of the things that matter most to me. Even when the bigger picture can seem daunting I’ve learnt to break things down into smaller steps instead of being overwhelmed.” 

— Verity G


Ready to move forward? 

Get in touch now and claim your complimentary, commitment-free consultation. 


I can't wait to hear from you and work on a clear roadmap to start filling this new chapter of your life with exciting plans.


6 sessions Package

£600 one time payment

(SAVE £120)


£240 per month

What's included:

  • Pre-coaching questionnaire 

  • Discovery session

  • 1.5 hour goal setting session

  • 5 x 1 hour sessions

  • Unlimited support in between sessions

  • Worksheets and resources as required

  • Personalised meditation

  • 30 mins Tapping session & Personalised tapping (EFT) script 

   Duration: 3 months 

Add Ons

Add any other SERVICE

 & receIve £10 off per session


These sessions are perfect for tackling a specific issues/challenge that you need guidance on. These sessions are booked as and when you need  them and can cover any problem area that you would like to discuss. They give you the chance to voice out your concerns, share your fears/worries in a safe space and explore the way forward with me. Always keeping your best interest at heart, I can help you see through the fog and consider options that are aligned to your overall vision.  If you would like to focus on goals that you would like to achieve, the coaching series package above is more suitable. Each individual session comprises of the following:

Individual Uniquely You Sessions

As needed


The one off consults comprise of a questionnaire that is used to deep dive into the area that you would like to focus on. This allows me to get an understanding of your current challenge as well as obtain a preview of what is holding you back. This is provided ahead of the sessions so that we can make the best of our time together. 

Using the information provided in the questionnaire, we will dive straight into your current situation or problem, look at the fears that you may be facing and talk about potential solutions or avenues you could take. 

Pre-session questionnaire

One session of 75 mins

Within a week of the session, you can reach out to me with a follow-up email containing any final clarifying questions. I will also check-in to see how you are progressing with your challenge. 

I will provide you with worksheets, guidance from oracle cards and relevant resources as required to help you progress towards your end goals. 


Follow-up Support 



One off Package


What's included:

  • Pre-coaching questionnaire 

  • 75 mins coaching session

  • Follow-up email

  • Worksheets and resources as required

   Duration: 1 week​

Add Ons

Add any other SERVICE

 & receIve £5 off per session


To get started or if you have any questions, simply get in touch with me and tell me all about your hopes and desires. 

Join me on Instagram for inspiration, information and connection! 

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