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Bespoke Intuitive Guidance Session

Wouldn’t it be great if you could truly believe in your powerful self and live a positive life away from the stress and anxiety that comes from not feeling good enough? What sweet relief, freedom and lightness that would bring to your life! Sounds unattainable? Trust me, it's not.

I am your guide who can gently and consistently help you do just that!

Could this be you... Do any of these sound familiar?

You feel that you need to work hard to fit it because that true sense of belonging has been eluding you. Maybe the way you look, your ethnicity, your beliefs and traditions, your social identity is not part of the norm; of the dominant group. And yet you are just another human being full of dreams and fears like everyone else.

At one point or another, your uniqueness has led to you feeling dismissed, unfairly treated or even mocked.  And all this has affected the way that you present and express yourself to the world, the way you live and how you perceive yourself. 

So now you have this voice whispering in your ear, reminding you that you are not good enough and all of a sudden you find yourself:

  • Holding yourself up to really high standards trying to do EVERYTHING perfectly well without help and being incredibly hard on yourself when you can’t

  • Putting other people and their needs ahead of yours because you want to be part of the group and be liked, accepted  

  • Thinking twice before expressing yourself because you know what it’s like to be judged and you spend time agonising over whether you did or said the right thing. And when you don't speak up, you feel that you have let yourself down.

  • Working really hard to prove that you deserve to be here, to be heard, to be seen and to be acknowledged. So hard, that despite all you have accomplished, you still feel that you have not done enough 

  • Doubting your actions, looking to others to validate you

All this sometimes creates a lingering feeling of worry or anxiety that prevents you from fully being present, from enjoying the moment and celebrating all the challenges you have overcome and your hard earned successes.


It can be so draining to constantly battle with all these thoughts and behaviours. I know that all this held me back and prevented me from having a fulfilled life. Can you imagine how free and relieved you will feel once you start releasing these old stories and negative habits?

Imagine if you could... 


Confidently be yourself, share your voice, stand your ground and say no, say yes - just say whatever your heart is wanting to share and feel amazing while doing it.


​Be positive and believe in yourself so much that you have this inner knowing that you will be ok, whatever happens, because you are YOU.

Savour the present moment and lead a fulfilling life where you are actively working towards your goals whilst also taking the time to genuinely celebrate your achievements 

Honour your boundaries, your energy, your heart calling without letting FOMO or worries of rejection dictate to act because you know with every fibre of your being that you ARE WORTHY of everything just as you are.



Glide through life doing the best that you can without the pressure of having to constantly be productive, allowing you to rest and replenish your cup.

You enjoy all the experiences, knowing that mistakes or failure contributes to the strong wonderful human being that you are and actually lights the way forward. 


 Live a life where you can finally be yourself - just as you are. How magnetic and alluring  will you be when everyone, not just your loved ones, gets to fully experience what it means to be in your presence. 


"Working with Angy, I gained a number of different techniques to

help with remaining positive, taming my inner critic and improving my confidence at work and speaking up. My husband and I have actually both applied some of the techniques.

I’ve learnt that I need to be kinder to myself, be more reflective of my small and big achievements and spend some time living in the moment rather than worrying about the past or future."

Natalie K, Banking Professional, London 

Release the old stories, heal the past hurt and let go of the masks - there is no need to hide anymore. Instead be that person you want to be - the confident, positive powerhouse who believes in herself and feels free. 

My solution for you is The NET Effet - Nurture, Empower, Thrive

I have created The NET Effect because I want to support you in recognising that you are good enough so that you can reclaim your true power and live your life on your terms being positive, present and free of the stress, worry and anxiety that comes with self-doubt, people pleasing, being over critical of yourself and trying to do everything really well.


My invitation is for us to embark on the The NET Effect journey through my 100%  tailored intuitive guidance sessions. 

My solution for you is The NET Effet - Nurture, Empower, Thrive

I have created The NET Effect because I want to support you in recognising that you are good enough so that you can reclaim your true power and live your life on your terms being positive, present and free of the stress, worry and anxiety that comes with self-doubt, people pleasing, being over critical of yourself and trying to do everything really well.


My invitation is for us to embark on the The NET Effect journey through my 100%  tailored intuitive guidance sessions. 

Why the NET Effect?

It's a way of living that supports you to be at your best every day. It doesn't mean that every day will be rosy and that's totally fine. Why? Because you are equipped to handle whatever comes your way.


This is all about treating yourself as sacred by learning to really love yourself and cultivating a sense of worthiness. So this includes self love, self regard, self care, resetting the energy, freeing the mind and  investing in yourself because you are worth it. Take care of yourself and you will reap the rewards.


Overcome your hiccups and insecurities with proven techniques to let go of anxiety, self criticism and limiting beliefs and take back your power. You always have a choice in life and it is yours to make. Believe in yourself - you have all it takes.

When you truly own who you are, have the support of your best friend ever (you)  and operate from a place that is aligned to your values, you will not only thrive but also face whatever comes your way with strength.

Assessment | Awareness | Release | Alignment 

Together we will use this proven method to create a new habit, a new way of living, a new way of being that feels so freeing because it is really aligned to you, your essence, your values.  Self-love, worthiness, courage and confidence will be at the core of what we strengthen. As we embark on our  NET Effect journey together, we will use this key 4 step process to achieve the changes that you are seeking. 




What makes this method extra special is that I am making my whole toolbox available to you as we work through this process. This includes coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping, meditation, NLP, spirituality and energy healing. Both my personal and professional experience with clients so far have shown me that really powerful results can be obtained when combining these different techniques. I will use my intuition to guide us on the best way forward, always checking in with you to ensure that you feel supported along the way. 


My tailored intuitive guidance sessions are for you if you are ready to work with me to:

  • Heal the wounds of the past and move on knowing that people's wrongdoings are not a reflection of who you are but of their  own journey

  • Tap into the knowledge of your body and soul and head its guidance on your journey to healing 

  • take consistent actions towards the accomplishment of your goals

  • Focus on yourself and stop worrying about what other people think

  • Build your self esteem and self worth. You are more than enough

  • tame your inner critic with techniques to reign it in. Feeling inadequate is a thing of the past 

  • confidently speak your mind even when it is not what others want to hear, knowing and believing that it is the right thing to do 

  • manage the stress and anxiety that comes with trying to be perfect or proving your worth

  • rewrite negative thought patterns with a focus on the positive 

  • listen to your intuition and operate from a place of inner trust and love when being courageous. The fear of failure, of making a mistake is not hanging over your head making you feel uneasy

  • surrender and live in the present moment knowing that all will be well even if mistakes are made



"Our sessions felt different to my NHS free sessions for anxiety and depression and counselling sessions. They were more collaborative and felt more like talking to a friend that was purely there to help and guide me to happiness. I can quickly snap out of my low days with more ease. I learnt new techniques for managing my inner critic; even my friends use these now. People now notice and accept the boundaries that I put in place to respect and listen to my own needs of what I can handle."

Tracy F, PMO, London

Your struggles are safe with me because I have been there too...

 I had and still face a fair share of not feeling good enough in both my personal and professional life as a mixed race child, as a woman of colour who moved twice to western countries from a little multicultural island, as a woman who worked in a male dominated environment, as a mother trying to balance family life whilst changing careers in an industry where there are not many people who look like me. And what I can tell you is that I use the wisdom gained from all these beautiful life experiences as well as my training to support you along your journey. 


Being of mixed ethnicity through four generations of interracial marriages, I fit in so many different groups and yet truly belong to none. I was acutely aware of my differences for various reasons including conditioning, passed down beliefs and ‘harmless’ inappropriate comments being made about parts of my heritage. These were not directed at me as people chose to ignore that I was mixed when it suited them. I had no idea how to react at the time – laugh, storm off, ignore? I so wanted to be accepted or to belong that I hardly shared my voice when it came to controversial topics and on the rare times I did speak up, it was so surprising that I was misunderstood.

And inevitably when you feel like you do not quite fit in, there is this tendency to either give up or work really hard to be seen, be recognised and show that you deserve a seat at the table. Working in a male dominated environment, I strived to show my worth and my inner critic would not let me forget any mistake I made. This, for me, was the start of perfectionism. The more my successes were acknowledged and praised by others, the more worthy I felt and soon a large part of my identity and self-worth was tied to what I achieved. So in hindsight, working hard and giving my all to my job was probably more about my need to prove to myself that I was worthy and could do it; and not so much about my bosses.

My life experience and inner work have allowed me to:

  • Know that the more you act and speak in a way that is aligned to your values and your integrity, the easier it gets and the freer you feel. You no longer have that feeling that you are betraying yourself and you also garner more respect from others.  There is, though, a fine balance between speaking up and knowing when it’s not worth the effort - and this is where you use your boundaries to decide what you will or will not be a party to.

  • find the courage to show up as a strong woman in Corporate, sharing my opinion and standing up for myself even if there was a risk of being perceived as emotional or bitchy. It was more important to me to stand by my values. You can never control people’s perception of you. What you can control is how you live your life and how you choose to see and speak to yourself - compassion and kindness are at the core of this.


  • trust my intuition. I realised that people rarely understand your whole situation - they are not you and their perception is affected by their own conditioning and beliefs. So turning to them for validation was not only inappropriate but also diminishing your power and making you second guess yourself. Seeking guidance is fine but ultimately the most important person who can offer validation is you.


  • ​live in the present as much as possible and take time to rest and really acknowledge and celebrate my wins. We spend too much time focusing on what went wrong and not what we did right. I also learnt to untie my self-worth to my achievements - this belief is unhealthy and can quickly lead to burnout. Life is meant to be enjoyed and savoured. 

  • And most importantly I have my boundaries that help me honour myself, my energy and others.

It is all a continual practice and not an easy one to tackle on your own. But I have been through it and I understand how to address the obstacles that come up along the way.  I know I can help you do the same.

I have used various techniques (coaching, EFT, NLP, healing and meditation) to help me move forward and these have been so life changing that I have decided to learn them for myself and share them with my family, friends and clients. Using these powerful tools, let me help you navigate your challenges and create the life that you want. And whilst doing that, I promise to meet you without any judgment but only with love, support and kindness. 


If any of the above resonates with you, I would love for you to reach out and talk to me. 


Start creating your dream life, you deserve nothing less...​ Your uniqueness is what makes you so special and beautiful.


And the great news is investing in this new life will also enable you to self love and worthiness

  • Maintain confidence and belief in yourself despite mistakes or failures or other people’s opinions.

  • Realise that you don't need extra training, more money or things to feel worthy

  • Establish boundaries and say no without feeling guilty or worrying that you have upset someone

  • Learn to love yourself and see what a glorious being you are

  • Let go of the what ifs and the shoulds 

  • Turn inwards for validation and acknowledgement 

  • Be closer to your ideal life by working towards and achieving your goals

  • Weave spirituality into your every day life and watch the magic happen  

  • Live a mindful, present life that is focused on the positives

  • Learn from life’s challenges without dwelling on the negatives

  • Have better work life balance by being able to switch off at the end of the day. Your work does not define you. 

  • Operate from a place that resonates with your values

  • Realise that perfection is a myth 

  • Celebrate your successes and give yourself a pat on the back for taking courageous steps whatever the outcome

  • Take back control of your life


All this may sound terrifying, very hard or even unachievable but trust me you can do it. I am well on my way. And so can you because you are just as special and capable. All you need is a little support and guidance. 


As our sessions passed, I felt more and more empowered. I felt that I could do what I wanted, that I was worth it and strong. I don’t limit myself; I push forward. Before I would walk on eggshells, worried about what people think of me, monitoring and censoring my personality to fit other people's needs but I lost track of what was most important. Me. I feel fierce and I feel like I CAN do anything I set my mind to.


Sara R, Creative, London

Options for Working with me

I have careful crafted various packages allowing you to work with me based on your varying needs.

All sessions are usually held online through video call (Skype/Zoom/Whatsapp).

The NET Effect Signature Programme

8 Sessions over 4 months 


This is the perfect option if you want to have dedicated support over a period of time to achieve specific goals and release any blocks. During this time, you can choose to focus on one big goal or work on a couple of areas that have been tugging at your heart. This is ideal for goals that you find challenging and daunting. The 4 months that we spend together really enables us to get into the detail and explore the limiting beliefs and stories that are holding you back as well as tackle hiccups that come up through daily life. It gives us time to help you reframe these stories and take a series of practical steps to get you where you want to be. Your 8 sessions are held fortnightly and the package is structured as follows.

Exploration questionnaire ​

Before we get started, you will be asked to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire containing inspiring questions designed to help you dig deep, get to know yourself better, what has and has not been working and think about what you would like to truly work on.

30 min complimentary discovery call ​

The Discovery Session (30 min) will give us a to get to know more about each other, touch on the key themes that need addressing including strategies you may have used in the past and what has been holding you back or tripping you up. If you feel that my services are not right for you, you can choose to not progress any further at this point. 


8 X 1 hour sessions


These sessions are focused on your intentions and, together, we determine strategies aimed at gently but consistently getting you closer to your new life. Along the way we work on overcoming any mindset issues or blocks that are preventing you from moving forward using a variety of techniques that combine NLP, coaching principles, EFT, spirituality and mindfulness. 

​In between Session Support ​

As promised, I am here supporting you during your journey. This means that you can reach out to me in between sessions for support, to celebrate wins or to share whatever may be weighing you down through whatsapp or voxer.


I will provide you with worksheets, guidance from oracle cards and relevant resources as required to help you progress towards your end goals. These become particularly helpful if you are stuck and are in need of some direction or new tools that you have not used before. ​

Bonus - Personalised Meditation​

Your very own personalised meditation to help you move forward and hold you true to your vision. The meditation can be aimed at helping you relax, building a clear vision of your end game, cutting ties, forgiveness, self confidence etc. ​

​Bonus - Personalised EFT Tapping Script  

Not only will I show you short, easy techniques that can quickly bring you to a state of calm when you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or anxious but I will also provide you with a personalised tapping script for you to use in between sessions on a topic of your choice. If you have not heard of tapping, head to my page here to learn more. 

​Bonus - 40 min healing session  

A healing session where you can lie back and relax whilst I do all the good work. During this sessions, I work on balancing and re-energising your body by gently releasing what is no longer needed and promoting overall wellbeing and self-love. 

Dandelion Parachute Seed

8 sessions Package

£800 one time payment

(SAVE £160)


£240 per month

What's included:

  • Pre-coaching questionnaire 

  • Discovery session

  • 1.5 hour goal setting session

  • 7 x 1 hour sessions

  • Unlimited support in between sessions

  • Worksheets and resources as required

  • Personalised meditation

  • Personalised tapping (EFT) script 

  • 40 min Healing session

   Duration: 4 months 

Add Ons

Add any other SERVICE

 & receIve £10 off per session



"After 3 treatments with Angy working towards overcoming my severe anxiety, stress and confusion about the direction and decisions I had to make I was able to feel my power once again get

clarity of mind and make the hard decisions. My life has taken a complete turn for the better... letting go of the blocks and the fear that was limiting my progress."

Dimitri T, Banking Professional, London


Ready to move forward? 

Get in touch now and claim your complimentary, commitment-free consultation. 


I can't wait to hear from you and work on a clear roadmap to start filling this new chapter of your life with exciting plans.

The NET Effect Power Sessions

As needed

These intuitive guidance sessions are perfect for tackling a specific issues/challenge that you need guidance on.  They give you the chance to voice out your concerns, share your fears/worries in a safe space and explore the way forward with me. Always keeping your best interest at heart, I can help you see through the fog and consider options that are aligned to your overall vision.  If you would like to focus on big goals or overcome long standing issues, the NET Effect signature package above is more suitable. Each individual session comprises of the following:

Pre-session questionnaire​

The one off consults comprise of a questionnaire that is used to deep dive into the area that you would like to focus on. This allows me to get an understanding of your current challenge as well as obtain a preview of what is holding you back so that we can make the best of our time together. ​

One session of 75 mins​

Using the information provided in the questionnaire, we will dive straight into your current situation or problem, look at the fears that you may be facing and talk about potential solutions or avenues you could take. 


Follow-up Support ​

Within a week of the session, you can reach out to me with a follow-up email containing any final clarifying questions. I will also check-in to see how you are progressing with your challenge. 


I will provide you with worksheets, guidance from oracle cards and relevant resources as required to help you progress towards your end goals. 

White Grass

One off Package


What's included:

  • Pre-coaching questionnaire 

  • 75 mins bespoke session

  • Follow-up support

  • Worksheets and resources as required

   Duration: 1 week​

Add Ons

Add any other SERVICE

 & receIve £10 off per session


"My sessions with Angy were different to any other sessions I have ever had. I felt understood by you, heard, seen and appreciated. Sharing with other women – some people got really triggered and it didn’t help and made me feel worse. You were really spot on with the things that you said and highly intuitive. And it just really helped me. I was holding on to guilt and anger from this past relationship for two years. I could not let go of this relationship and the hurt that was there. I also doubted myself so much and kept wondering what I did wrong. I kept thinking about this situation and him over and over and could not move on. I managed to let it all go. It felt like a sacred space with no judgement. You were just here helping me to heal and giving me a friendly nudge. You said exactly what I needed to hear to give me the push to let go and heal from the very fifirst session. "

V.P, Creative, London


To get started, book your discovery call or if you have any questions, simply get in touch with me here and tell me all about your hopes and desires. 

Join me on Instagram for inspiration, information and connection! 

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