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Nurturing your mind, body & soul through energy

Energy is all around us and within us - it is the life force energy that courses through our bodies and our chakras (the energy centres within our body) that keeps us in good health.  We are surrounded by it. When our energy flows freely through our body, we feel amazing, inspired and have a general sense of wellbeing. 

We can feel a bit off, tired or sick when our energy is off balance or we have blocks. Our life energy can be disrupted or weakened due to stress, repressed emotions, conflicting thoughts or feelings that we are unable to process easily. These include fear, worry, doubt, anger, anxiety, etc. As you may already know, you can feel drained when you have been exposed to negative people/situations or after handling high pressure situations. 

I offer a number of treatments using different modalities to assist you in nurturing and re-balancing your mind, body and spirit. I only offer energy work that I believe in and have used on myself and my family. 


My Offering to you

For years I have been wholeheartedly devoted to better understanding the human experience through the lens of spirituality and healing. After being exposed to many people and different modalities of healing, I have created the ultimate bespoke energy healing session to help nurture your body, lessen pain, release block and rebalance your energy whilst receiving clarity.

Distance Reiki 

Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique that allows your body to go into deep relaxation and heal. It can help release tension and restore balance and vitality by unblocking our chakras through the subtle transfer to energy. It is an alternative therapy that is gentle, extremely nurturing and comforting for the mind, body and spirit. You will usually feel relaxed and at peace after the session. 


Reiki can:

  • accelerate healing of an illness or injury

  • assist the body in cleansing toxins

  • balance the flow of subtle energy by releasing blockages

  • help the client contact the 'healer within' and promote healing for illness and injury.

  • create deep relaxation

  • reduce stress and anxiety

  • strengthen and support the immune system

  • balance the energies within the body

  • help to relieve pain

  • relieve headaches including migraines

  • help with insomnia, thereby aiding better sleep

  • promote a feeling of general well-being

  • promote a more positive outlook

  • enhance clarity of thought

  • improve self belief and inner confidence

  • encourage and support personal growth and development

  • able to deal with everyday life so much better

  • raise the vibration within the body



Alchemy Energetics is a powerful, yet simple system of shamanic spiritual healing, universal symbology and consciousness development. It is a high vibrational and easily-accessible system drawing from ancient and contemporary symbolism & techniques of many spiritual traditions. 

Alchemy Energetics 

Alchemy Energetics can:

  • energise and repair our natural energetic connections and relationship with ourselves and everything above, below and around us

  • awaken our own divinity

  • increase and stabilise our vibration 

  • deepen and embrace a natural happy and healthy relationship with ourselves, others and all things

  • help establish a sense of inner calm, peace, harmony, safety and security

  • promote the release of blocks and enable flow and movement 

  • assist with re-igniting your natural creativity 

  • enable grounding

  • support the transformation of our issues on all levels that the issues reside (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual)

  • promote a sense of well being 

  • accelerate healing of pain, an illness or injury



Meditation has become quite big right now and you can easily understand why. In our current world, we have distractions everywhere and it’s so easy for the days to just fly by. Meditation is an amazing way to stop, take stock of where you are, what you are feeling and also calm the mind. It helps with mindfulness and it gives you perspective. 

Meditation has helped me achieve a sense of general well being and it has also provided me with the answers I seek as well. And as with any skill, it gets better with practice. Some days might be harder than others but showing up and doing the work does wonders for your soul. If you want to explore meditation with me in 1:1 sessions, please get in touch. 

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“Angy talked me through the process, she was very kind, calm, and relaxed. She, then practised her distant healing and I could feel an instant relief, it was really impressive.” 

— Romane N


About the Sessions

All sessions are run through Skype, Zoom or on the phone. Prior to the session, you are required to fill a questionnaire that provides an overview of what you are seeking to achieve through the session. 

The session starts with a gentle meditation that puts you in a state of relaxation. You will then rest while the chosen treatment is provided. At the end of the session, we will have a brief discussion about how you felt. I will answer any questions that you may have and offer after care advice. I will also send you some oracle card guidance following the session.

All sessions on offer are complementary therapies  that work well with other types of treatment that you may be receiving. 

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Energy Session

£90 - 75 mins


£215 - 3 x 75 mins

(save £55)


£75 - 2 X 60 mins

(save £35)

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